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Frequently Traveled Destinations & Flight Deals

  • Baltimore to Halifax

    BWI to YHZ

    February 2020

  • $340
  • Los Angeles to Houston

    LAX to IAH

    February 2020

  • $192
  • Los Angeles to New York

    LAX to NYC

    February 2020

  • $504
  • Los Angeles to San francisco

    LAX to SFO

    February 2020

  • $156
  • Dallas To Los Angeles

    DFW to LAX

    February 2020

  • $222
  • Toronto to Orlando

    YYZ to MCO

    February 2020

  • $324
  • Washington to Orlando

    IAD to MCO

    February 2020

  • $186
  • San francisco to New york

    SFO to NYC

    February 2020

  • $547
  • San Diego to Miami

    SAN to MIA

    February 2020

  • $412

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