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Cheap Flights to Africa

As planet earth’s second biggest and most populous continent, Africa has stayed the traveler’s dream right from the beginning. Spread on 30.3 million square kilometers, the visits to Africa literally bring back discoveries as the places are nick-named as earth’s secret gems. This is the reason the travelers want to delve more in to the details about the continent as they board the flights to Africa. As the flora and fauna in this part of the world are mind-boggling, the sun-kissed and sparklingly blue beaches with lustrous white sands along with majestic mountains pose as irresistible attractions.

  • The great migration, Tanzania

  • Sossusvlei Dunes, Namibia

  • Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

  • Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Spitzkoppe, Namibia

  • Sahara Dunes, Morocco

  • View the Mountain Gorillas

  • Visit Naika Plateau National Park

  • View the famous unique structures in The Giza Pyramids

  • Discover the worlds outstanding beach city

  • Visit Djmaa el Fna-the irresistible attraction in Morocco

  • Explore unbelievable granite peaks of Namibia

The winter is almost dry during May and October and this is time, when large numbers of tourists arrive in Southern Africa. Summer stays during December to March and autumn during April to May. Spring is very pleasant during September to November. As the entire Africa is a large region, the visitor’s needs to choose carefully before booking their tickets to Africa.

Top Experience in Africa

View the Mountain Gorillas

The memories of meeting the mountain gorillas stay as the life-time memories of the visitors, while they roam inside the thick rain-forests. As a matter of fact, while boarding flights from Africa back to their home nations, the fun-filled interactions with the animals remain alive forever.

Victoria Falls in Zambia

The year 1855 would go down the memories of human-race as the great destination like Victoria Falls was discovered by a man from Scotland- David Livingstone. The fall, situated at 108 feet altitude, gives an amazing flow of 12,800 cubic meters of water per second.


It nearly sends a thrill down the spines of visitors as they climb the highest peaks of Namib Desert in Namibia. The highest peak with the altitude of 1800 is literally the climber’s delight as such mounds built with granites are nowhere seen in the world.

Naika Plateau National Park

Being the biggest National Park of Malawi, Nyika, is one of the major tourists’ attractions in Africa. Being one of the most scenic and magnificent plateau in the continent, the national park has in its proximity many wonderful rivers with connectivity to Lake Malawi.

The Giza Pyramids in Egypt

The pyramid built in 2650 B.C. with 2500 millions of lime block is literally one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The structures found in Giza near Cairo get hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Especially the large granites sarcophagus found in the burial chamber of King Chepren are extremely beautiful.

Djmaa el Fna

As the travelers step unto Morocco’s most electrifying time square, they could watch the things, which truly define the ethnicity in Africa. The streets offer dazzling performances of snake charmers as the visitors mingle with date and orange-juice sellers.

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