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Spread on 44, 579,000 square kilometers, Asia is earth’s biggest continent. From time immemorial, it has stayed the dream of travelers to step into its verdant lands, which is the nestling place of spirituality, natural beauty, and animal kingdoms. The amazing kaleidoscope of various cultures prompt the visitors to take the first flight to Asia as hordes of tourists find the itinerary extremely engrossing. Unity in diversity is the first norm to influence living despite multi-cultural social milieus of the nations. You can watch video on Asia here

  • Tiger Nest Temple in Bhutan

  • Bokeo Nature Reserve

  • Kuala Lumpur

  • Ha Long Bay

  • Danxia landform

  • Great Wall of China

  • Watch the protected species of Gibbons

  • The greatest spot of modernity as well as antiquity

  • Visit Rainbow Family Village in Taiwan

  • Great Wall of China- baffling ramparts of fort

  • Danxia landform

  • Explore Tiger Nest Temple in Bhutan

From January to March and June to September are the best time periods to visit Asia. In the vastness of this continent, weather varies from place to place and nation to nation and therefore, it is best to avoid humidity during summer and downpours during rainy seasons. Besides this, travels to various places in the continent could justify the worth spent in the airfare for Asia. Weather

Top Experience in Asia

Tiger Nest Temple in Bhutan

Taktsang, as the other name of the temple goes by, is an abode of peace as the sacred monastery built upon this rocky cliff, takes everyone by surprise. Situated at a height of 3000 feet above the valley of Paro, the monastery is a location of spectacular natural beauty.

Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia

Malaysia becomes an unforgettable memory as the tourists take flights from Asia to their native places. Dotted with several wonderful tourists’ spots like China Town, Petronas twin towers, the Buta caves, and Central Market, the city is one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists.

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Featuring as one of the UNESCO World heritage sites, Ha Long of Vietnam has stayed a must-visit for surging crowds, arriving from various parts of the world. It is a pleasure as well as wonder to watch people live in floating villages.

Danxia Landform in China

The uniqueness of landscapes literally throws open overwhelming shapes of landscapes as those are formed out of red stones as well as strong forces. The inexplicability of the beauty of the landscapes has placed it among the World Heritage sites in the year 2010.

Rainbow Family Village in Taiwan

The journey becomes overwhelmingly pleasant as the visitors tread in a village, which is fully painted by its grand old man- Huang Yung. Nicknamed as Grandpa Rainbow, he took the initiative not long ago to paint the earth of the village, giving it the uniqueness in colors.

Great Wall of China

The construction of the wall only began as a defense mechanism to thwart the attacks of the outsiders but the 3945 miles long wall later became a tourists’ delight as it is the longest wall in the world. Situated in Qinhuangdao, the wall has become one of the most sought-after tourists’ hubs on the global map.

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