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Cheap Flights to St Lucia

As an island nation in the Caribbean and a constituent nation in the Kingdom of Netherlands, St. Maarten is a magnificent island with a significant position on world tourism map. The 35 meters of Maho beach comes perilously close as the planes from Princess Juliana International Airport take to their wings. This also gives the thrills to the beach goers to view the planes in their close proximities. Football, Cricket, and baseball are few among the popular games, while the visitors to this picturesque island take delight in recreational fishing, golf, and water sports. The place also has wonderful forts in its magnificent landscapes that evoke poetic imagination. The flora and fauna in the plethoric nature just send an invitation to the visitors making them take the first flight to St. Maarten.

Plane Tickets to St. Lucia 

1. Butterfly Farm- true price of ticket to St. Maarten

As butterflies are the real fancies of every nature lover, the butterfly farm in St. Maarten is really popular because hundreds of thousands of those wonderful creatures keep flying in this farm. Indeed, the visit stays etched in the minds of every visitor till they take the flights from St. Maarten. It is really fascinating as those keep sitting on the colorful dresses worn by visitors in the historical park.

2. Fort Louis- a visit to compensate for the airfare for St. Maarten

​This magnificent landscape has one of most imposing forts, situated amidst the natural splendor. A visit to this place brings the memories of bygone era and the valiant battle fought by the heroes of the time to save the warehouses. The architectural marvel of the fort simply keeps the visitors enthralled giving them the realization that they have got back the worth of their airfares for St. Maarten.

3. St. Maarten Heritage Museum- unforgettable till you take flight from St. Maarten

As this museum has the location on the St. Maarten national park, the museum has long preserved the rich heritage of the island. Relic, paintings, and other items are the splendid exhibits that literally give them back the real worth of their ticket to St. Maarten.

4. Bird Park- true attraction to take first flight to St, Maarten

This is unusually enticing and interesting for the nature lovers to make them step inside the bird park in St. Maarten. The exotic flora and fauna and innumerable species of colorful birds keep the visitors engrossed in watching the avian beauties for longer period. Hordes of tourists from all-over the world arrive everyday to take delight of bird watching.

5. Simpson Bay Lagoon- The magnetic attraction for every visitor

As the biggest inland lagoon of St. Maarten, the place has indescribable beauty for every tourist. Everyone takes enormous pleasure in watching the protected waters and mangrove habitats of the wonderful lagoon. The lagoon keeps the visitors occupied with its activities for a long time.

6. Starz City Casino- most visited place in the city

Spread over 2500 square meters, Atlantis World casino has many irresistible attractions for the visitors. With its 400 slot machines, card games, and other recreational facilities, the casino is simply the most visited avenue for the visitors.

7. Baie De Marigot- exquisite and unique place for everyone

​Baie De Marigot is an outstanding place that could offer everyone with the thrill of real entertainment. The innumerable shows hosted from time to time keep the visitors engrossed in real amusement for hours. Literally speaking, the tourists miss the opportunity to participate in good entertainment if they ignore this distinguished place of St. Maarten.

8. Sentry Hill-magnificent natural spot for the tourists

The unusually attractive landscaped mountain has unbeatable attraction for every nature lover. Situated in Cul-de- sac, the place gives glimpses of bravura of flora and fauna and natural abundance. As the highest peak in southern part of the island, the natural beauty of the place charms everyone.

9. Friendly Island activities- the best vacation island

This exceptionally magnificent island gives the visitors the scope of pre-booking their entertainment activities that they could choose selectively to have unlimited fun and entertainment. The multiple sources of entertainment keep the visitors engrossed for long hours.

10. Loterie Farm- experience daredevil and extreme sports

If the visitors are fond of daredevil and extreme sports, this farm could give the right types of activities. This place could rightly connect the visitors with nature, where they could spend time watching the splendor of nature.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit St. Maarten comes in May and June. The visitors could also come between November and mid-December. During these time periods, the hotels extend their best prices. As the island has the most pleasant weather throughout the year, the visitors could opt to come to visit all the important places.


 St. Marteen has a tropical weather. As a volcanic and hilly island, the place has an ideal weather throughout the year. The humid, sunny, and tropical weather is best for sight-seeing by the tourists.
 Although it does not rain plentifully in a year, the average precipitation is about 40 inches in the year. The irregular downpour and thunderstorm add to the pleasantness of the weather as it brings down humidity.
 As February and March are the dried months, the inflow of tourists falls drastically. Rainfall increases from the month of August to November.
 However, St. Marteen does not have scarcity of sunshine and the visitors enjoy the sunny days along the coasts of the wonderful place.
 Precisely from August to October, the island gets hit by hurricanes or tropical storms, which might cause inconveniences for the tourists.
 Throughout the year, the sea water stays warm and particularly in summer, it becomes warmer. Summer is the best time for the arrival of tourists as the hotels remain comparatively less crowded.
 Most of the rich vacationers arrive in winter season as the island has the most beautiful climate during the cool months.

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