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  • Cane garden Bay

  • Sage Mountain National Park

  • Gorda Peak National Park

  • Road Town

  • Mosquito Island

  • Rhone Maritime Park

  • Kayak, Hike & Snorkel in St. Thomas

  • Sail across Anegada Island

  • Visit Cane Garden Bay

  • Snorkeling at Mosquito Island

  • Shopping

  • Day Cruise to Virgin Gorda

The best time to visit the British Virgin Islands is during September to November, when the weather is favorable for tourists. Plan to visit the place after the worst threat of hurricane season or before the crushing crowds during the winter holidays. You will find the expensive room rates at much cheaper rate during these months. Now for divers, spring or winter suits the best as summer season ruin the underwater visibility to a large extent. It is suggested to book your tickets early to avoid last minute rush and to get the best available Airfare to Virgin Gorda. We can assure once you visit Virgin Gorda, you will never regret on your trip and you will definitely have a blast there.

Top Experience in Virgin Gorda

Cane garden Bay

Cane garden bay is the largest and the best seaside port on the famous island of Tortola. It is backed by a wall of volcanic rocks as well as verdant palms. The place offers each and everything you could look for in any Caribbean holiday destination like jet skis, sea kayak rentals and even the pristine sands to the lapping shore waters.

Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island is an island off the coast of Virgin Gorda and has long been a favourite for scuba divers and sailors. For many years the island was the location of a sail-in dive resort named Drake's Anchorage. Sir Richard Branson purchased the island in 2007 for £10 million.The island is located on the west side of Gorda Sound adjacent to Virgin Gorda and near Necker Island, which is also owned by Branson.

Road Town

Road Town is a pretty picture perfect bustling capital of the British Virgin Islands. It sits by the side of a bay on the southern reaches of Tortola. The town has been built on a large land surrounded by a beautiful natural harbor. The beautiful area is famous for its shipping activities.You will find lots of fishing boats and Yachts along the seashores and jetties.

Rhone Maritime Park

Rhone Maritime Park was established way back in 1867. It is one of the most curious parks of the British Virgin Islands. The park was started with the sinking of a Royal Mail Ship, RMS Rhone which was battered by storms and wrecked badly on the BVI coral beds. The hulking shell of the ship was overgrown by sponges and seaweeds which houses multicolored marine life and animal species. The whole are became a protected reserve during the 1980s.

Sage Mountain National Park

Sage Mountain National Park is definitely a great backbone of hills stretched out of Tortola Island from the southern part. The whole area is comprised and dressed with green rainforest. The park is one of the most rugged and wildest national parks in Virgin Gorda.The protected area of the park generally sits about 500 meters atop Sage Mountain itself of the British Virgin Islands. You can enjoy countless miles of hiking trails in the park.

Gorda Peak National Park

Gorda Peak National Park is a land of multi-colored hummingbirds, pineapple trees, Spiny cacti forests and waxy orchids. The Park forms the highest point on Virgin Gorda sitting at more than 410 meters above the sea level. The whole area to build a park was originally gifted by Lawrence Rockefeller in the early 1970s which houses some of the most typical BVI trekking. The view of the place is stunning and spectacular to look at.

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