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Macedonia is a country in southeastern Europe which is a traditional geographic region of Greece. The country has numerous attractions which make it one of the most popular tourists' destinations in the world. The country is covered by massive mountains, wide valleys, lowlands and more of the natural amenities to attract the masses. The official language in the Republic of Macedonia is Macedonian, however, some of the regions in the country speak ethnic language as well. Macedonia is renowned for its incredible natural beauty with rivers, mountains, lakes, valleys etc.

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  • The Painted Mosque

  • Matka Canyon for Macedonia's Nature Lover

  • Smolare Waterfall

  • Unleash yourself to the Pelister National Park

  • Ohrid

  • Ancient Old Bazar

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  • Visit The Painted Mosque

  • Matka Canyon for Macedonia's Nature Lover

  • Take a shower under the Smolare Waterfall

  • Unleash yourself to the Pelister National Park

  • Dive into the crystal-clear water in Ohrid

  • Take a ticket to Macedonia and walk-through the ancient Old Bazar


Macedonia has all-weather climate where tourists can feel cold in the winters and hot in the summer. Major cities of Macedonia are located at the height or in to the Valleys where temperature remains soothing for the tourists. The best time to visit the Republic of Macedonia is from May to September. September is the best and most pleasant month for the tourists who can feel sunny and rainy season together. You are advised to bring suitable clothes according to current climate condition.

Top Travel Destinations in Macedonia

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The Painted Mosque

The Painted Mosque is a 15th Century masterpiece in Macedonia. The tiny country has all the religious places which was built during the ancient period. You can pay your visit to this historically beautiful and amazing Mosque during your trip. Tourists can visit this place and can enter into the Mosque by slipping their shoes off. The jaw-dropping artworks of this mosque cover every single inch of the Mosque.

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Matka Canyon for Macedonia's Nature Lover

Matka Canyon is a popular attraction in Macedonia for its beautiful natural surroundings. The country has got everything for the people who want to explore outdoors. Matka Canyon is an exciting and a must visit place in Macedonia for such adventure enthusiasts. The Canyon has over 10 different lakes and many other ancient places situated on the banks of the lakes which make your trip to this place a memorable one.

Smolare Waterfall

Smolare Waterfall is country's tallest Waterfall covered by natural amenities. The Smolare Waterfall is named after the village of the same name which is located in the Southern Macedonia. If you love to hike, there is a nature trail available here at the Smolare Waterfall with up to 300 steps.Tourists can pay an airfare to Macedonia to visit the most attractive places in the world.

Pelister National Park

If you love to explore nature, then Pelister National Park is a must visit here in Macedonia. The Pelister National Park is situated in the Baba Mountain Massif. Here you can explore the real beauty of nature. The place is also the house of numerous wildlife animals. Tourists may encounter different types of wildlife animals here in the Pelister National Park such as deer, bears, eagles etc. It's a great place for the photographers.


Ohrid is known as one of the oldest and largest lakes in the world. The lake is famous for its spending crystal-clear blue water. Ohrid has got numerous ancient monuments, buildings, and architectural sites which make it to the World Heritage Site by UNESKO. The place is also known for a dozen of ancient churches and monasteries. The place is covered by a number of attractions where you can pay your visit during your trip.

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