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Flights to Tallinn

The city is attracting various tourists from different regions of the world due to its amazing attractions. Some of the monuments in this region date back to the 13 th century and you can still get to see them in good condition. The city is also developing in recent years and you can see lots of business activities that attract people and investment from other regions. The weather condition is the same as rest of Europe and the region is close to the Baltic Sea. For this reason, you will notice that the winters are not very severe and you can easily get to enjoy your vacation without any hassles. The connectivity to this place is also very good as you can easily get flight from Tallinn to different regions of Europe and other neighboring states.

  • Kadriorg Park

  • Kumu Art Museum

  • Tallinn Zoo

  • Toompea Hill

  • Old Town of Tallinn

  • Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

  • Visit the Kadriorg Park

  • Tallinn day trip with a walking tour in the old town

  • Explore Paaskula Bog

  • Explore the whole city

  • Harzu Street Ice Rink

  • Visit Green Market

Most tourists prefer the summer season for vacation as this gives you freedom to explore all the places. There will be heavy snow fall in the winter season and the ticket to Tallinn will be inexpensive in this season except for the New Year period. You can plan your holidays according to this factor and enjoy your vacation in this beautiful city.

Top Experience in Tallinn

Old Town of Tallinn

This is the best place to visit when you go for a vacation as you can spend a relaxing time with friends and family members. If you visit the place during the winter season, you can get to see snowcapped streets and this will be a wonderful sight for people from other parts of the world who have not seen such things at home. In the summer season, you can easily get to visit the various landmarks of the city and get to know the rich culture and heritage of the region.

Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

This amazing museum will give you a glimpse of the seafaring of historic days. This amazing submarine is the biggest attraction of the city and thousands of visitors come here to see the submarine. The place is also having various interactive displays and children will get to enjoy the visit in the best possible way. However, you must be aware that the place is very busy during weekends and public holidays. If you are planning to visit the museum in these days, make sure that you have additional time for your activities.

Toompea Hill

You can get to see the wonderful view of the entire town from this hill top area. It becomes even more attractive in the night time as the entire city glows with various lights and this attracts thousands of tourists to this place. The place is also surrounded by many other cathedrals and churches and you can even visit them during your vacation. You can easily climb the hill top without any problems and it is also easy to access the place from the city.

Tallinn Zoo

This is a must visit place during your vacation and you will be completely impressed with the maintenance of the location. The ice bears are the special attraction of this zoo and they have a very large pool area reserved for their fun activities. If you are visiting the place during winters, you may be slightly disappointed as the animals do not come out frequently and you will not get to see the complete activity of the zoo. However, summers are the best time to visit the place and you will be completely satisfied with the trip to the zoo.

Kadriorg Park

This is the best place to visit during the summer and spring season as it is very attractive and you can even get to see various exhibitions during this season. Apart from that, you can also visit the modern art museum that is very close to the park. If you want to spend a quiet evening with friends and family members during your vacation, you can easily choose this place. Even your kids will enjoy the magnificent view of the swan pool at this park and get to enjoy the attractions of the region.

Kumu Art Museum

The museum itself is constructed in an attractive design and you can see special and rare collections in this place. The exhibits are very special and you will be able to enjoy the entire day at this place. If you are planning to go there with your kids, make sure that you take the assistance of a tourist guide as they will be able to explain you everything in a better way. This will give you the best value for your money and you will get to know many things about the local history of the region.

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