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Flights to Eleuthera

This Bahamian region is well known for its beaches and you will notice rare species of sea animals in this region. The diversity is very huge and it even has a massive salt water lake. You can comfortably enjoy the vacation by visiting the beaches at this place. The best thing you can do in this place is to take the package tour as you will be able to cover many attractions within quick time. Apart from that, the local travel guides will also help you to reach the best beaches of the city.

  • French Leave Beach

  • Lighthouse Beach

  • Native Plant Preserve Park

  • Rock Sound, Bahamas

  • Preachers Cave

  • Princess Cays Resort

  • Enjoy Swimming, kayaking, banana boating, paddle boating, skiing, snorkeling, parasailing, sailboating, or waverunning at Princess Cays

  • Enjoy Beach and Pool clubs at Rock Sound

  • Explore Native Plant Preserve Park

  • Explore the whole city

  • Spanish Wells Fishing

The best time to visit this place is during the summer season as you can get to enjoy the comfortable weather of the sea shore. You will notice that the rainy season has very less visitors and you can choose this option if you want to save lots of money on your holiday tour. The airfare for North Eleuthera is very less in this season and you can plan your holidays during this season if you are on a limited budget. Other than that, many people even choose to visit the beaches during the New Year parties and you can also celebrate the event with your friends and family members at this place. Remember to make prior bookings for the hotel rooms as there will be a huge crowd during this season.

Top Experience in North Eleuthera

French Leave Beach

This is a wonderful destination if you want to enjoy swimming at the sea. However, you need to be careful about the high tide and check for the guidelines issued by the local authorities. The water is clean and you will not have any other issues at the beach. It is a good option to choose the services of a tourist guide as they can help you to avoid the dangerous spots and you will be able to enjoy the vacation in a safe manner.

Lighthouse Beach

You will usually find it difficult to reach this place as the road leading to the beach is not in good condition. Apart from that, you also have the option to trek all the way and visit this beautiful location. The beach is not very crowded and you can enjoy your vacation in a peaceful manner at this location.However, it is worth taking all the trouble as many people take the flight to North Eleuthera only to see such rare tourist spots.

Native Plant Preserve Park

You can choose the Leon Levy Park as your travel destination in this city. You will be completely impressed with the collection of plants and trees in this park.It is a good idea to visit the place with your kids as they will get to enjoy the evening during your vacation. They will be glad to see the turtle pond and other attractions in the park. The surprising thing about this place is that it even has some rare species of medicinal plants.

Princess Cays Resort

Princess Cays is a tourist resort at the southern end of the island of Eleuthera, Bahamas. It is owned by Princess Cruises, who use it as a port-of-call on cruises in the Caribbean. Contrary to the implication of its name, it is located on Eleuthera, rather than on separate islands.Princess Cays is located approximately 50 miles (80 km) from Nassau, Bahamas.

Rock Sound, Bahamas

Rock Sound is not a tourist destination. It's a hometown that happens to be able to carry both the needs of tourists and the life of the residents. There's a small airport and a very good market. If you sail, you'll find a great cove in which to anchor and easy access to food and sundries. You'll have to buy potable water.

Preachers Cave

Preacher's Cave was discovered in the 1600s by Captain William Sayles. The placard at the entrance of the cave says “William Sayle shipwrecked at Devil Backbone found refuge here.The cave is located approximately 10 miles from North Eleuthera Airport and is on the north shores of Eleuthera adjoining a long and broad sweeping beach called Tay Bay Beach.

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