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This popular tourist hub is one of the leading cities of Bahamas and you can find thousands of tourists from different parts of the world in this region. It is very famous for tourism and the facilities are organized in proper manner by the local authorities. Even the local people are very friendly and you will not have any issues when it comes to moving around the city. The best thing you can do for your vacation is to book the flight to Nassau from your city and have the best time of your life.

  • Blue Lagoon Island

  • National Art Gallery

  • Cabbage Beach

  • Historical city hall

  • Nassau Cloisters

  • The stunning Picasso Museum

  • Take a Dive Trip at Stuart's Cove

  • Get Your Fish On at Arawak Cay

  • Browse the Straw Market for the Perfect Souvenir

  • Take a Day Trip to Rose Island

  • Shiver Your Timbers at the Pirates of Nassau Museum

  • Play at the Aquaventure Waterpark at the Atlantis Resort

One of the major advantages of choosing this tourist hub for your vacation is that the city enjoys comfortable climate for most part of the year. You will not have any issues even during the hot summer months and you can easily enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without any hassles. Many people even come here for the New Year parties and the winter will not be very severe in this region. Make sure to check the airfare for Nassau from reliable sources before you book the tickets from the online portals.

Top Experience in Nassau

Blue Lagoon Island

This is the best place to visit during your holidays and you can take the cruise ride on this beautiful island. Your kids will remember the vacation forever when you choose the exotic boat rides in the sea. They are very safe and you can get lots of options for very less money.

The stunning Picasso Museum

There are more than 800 engraves in the Picasso Museum which were created by Pablo Picasso. Geert Huizinga, who is a native of nassau had collected all those lithography. He had a good friendship with Pablo’s ex-lover. There are two historic buildings that house the Museum galleries.

National Art Gallery

This museum is dedicated to the special art of the Bahamian people and you will get to know more about their culture by visiting this place. It is very small but has the best collection of local art. Apart from that, you can also choose to shop for your favorite gifts at the local stores and cherish the memory for a long duration.

Cabbage Beach

The Historical City Hall is located on the eastern part of Prinzipalmarkt. This historic symbol is designed with famous Gothic architecture. The front facade of the hall is stunning, the windows, apexes and the arcades all dates from the 14th century.

Nassau and enjoy these activities

You will be able to enjoy your holidays in the best possible manner when you choose to visit the various attractions and enjoy the outdoor activities of the region. Make sure that you visit the important landmarks and museums of the city so that you can get to understand everything about the local people and their history and culture.

Nassau Cloisters

This unique garden is home to some of the best statues and you will be completely impressed with the unique architecture of this place. There are many sculptures that belong to Rome and you will find it very interesting to see them in this garden

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