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Luxembourg, situated at the heart of Western Europe is one of the most popular cities to travel in the area.The City is rich with history and fantastic scenic beauties. Although the geographical area of the city in itself is pretty small, within this pocket-sized city lie the most exotic cultural heritages, some in the form of beautiful monuments been preserved since centuries. Being a popular tourist spot, there is no doubt in the fact that the city is a must visit the place. And as a matter of fact, once you embrace its rich culture, you will not want to get back on the flight from Luxembourg back to your home.

  • The Old Quarter

  • Place Guillaume II

  • The Luxembourg Ardennes

  • Bock and city casements

  • Berdorf

  • The Adolphe Bridge

  • Embrace your inner hiker in Berdorf

  • Enjoy famous music and dance show at The Luxembourg Ardennes

  • Explore beautiful attractions at Place Guillaume II

  • Explore the beautiful gardens at The Old Quarter

  • Beautiful hiking trails draw through the breathtaking landscapes of Luxemburg

  • Horseback Riding

June and September are some of the seasons in which the weather is at its most pleasant stage. So, if you visit the city during this period it'll be able to bring out the best of the city in itself and provide you a whole new experience of your trip. But along with this, you need to keep in mind that the tourist rush during this period is also going to be high so you can’t expect a few minutes or moments of calmness during these months. But what can you expect when you go on a trip? In my opinion, I suggest that if the Seasons bring out the best out of Luxembourg then it is the time that you need to be there or else you should not since it is not something that you would sacrifice just because rush during this period is going to be a little high.

Cheap flights to Luxembourg

The Old Quarter

One of the history-rich places in Luxembourg City became famous for its exotic forts which lie in portions of the area. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, there is no doubt in the fact that you are going to get a lot of history lessons in the place itself. But other than that, the place is just perfect to take a stroll around for a couple of hours or so and just explore the beautiful gardens that are spread across the area.

Place Guillaume II

It is a region that is pretty happening and feels like a central place where all the people hang out. It is a pretty decent area with many beautiful attractions to see. Narrow staircases, famous and soaked in history,where you can come to take a break. Around the corner also lies the famous cavalry of the previous era as well. Overall the place is happening in itself and very good to walk around.

The Luxembourg Ardennes

It stands in contrast with the normal plane area of Luxembourg. The Ardennes is filled with rocky terrains and hilly plateaus worth taking a hike on. The special historical fact about this place is that Adolf Hitler conducted his last World War 2 campaign. If you need to make the most out of your airfare for Luxembourg, I would prefer that this music and dance show is going to give your airfare a run for its money.

Bock and the City Casements

It is certainly one place that you need to see. Cut out of a single rock, Bock Cliff holds a famous narrow passageway which is the entrance to the casements which are of around 40000 square meters in area. Able to be explored on foot, you can even explore some of the remaining portions of the dismantled fort as well.


It is one of the places in the city which provides the best view of the whole area at once. It stands as a Guardian Angel which looks over the whole city. Just climb onto one of these walls and look around. You will be able to see the whole majestically city at once within one view. You need to visit this place as well if you ever visit Luxembourg.

The Adolphe Bridge

The Adolphe Bridge is an arch bridge in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg. The bridge takes road traffic across the Pétrusse, connecting Boulevard Royal. The Adolphe Bridge has become an unofficial national symbol of sorts, representing Luxembourg's independence, and has become one of Luxembourg City's main tourist attractions.

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