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Cheap Flights to Linz

Linz is the capital city of Upper Austria and it is the main harbor on the Danube River. The city is an industrial as well as a commercial hub and a rail junction. Being a regional capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the city has many historic buildings, including the old Provincial Museum that exhibits excellent paintings, Roman artifacts, as well as folk art. Every year, millions of people all over the world take a ticket to Linz to enjoy the historical beauty of the city.

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  • The Ars Electronica Center

  • New Cathedral, Linz

  • Lentos Art Museum

  • The greatest viewpoint of the city

  • The latest paintings at Landesgalerie

  • The Schlossmuseum castle

Cheap flights to linz

  • The renowned cultural center in the city

  • The greatest viewpoint of the city

  • Landesgalerie Linz

  • Hauptplatz Square

  • Visit Donaupark, the green escape vault

  • Museum der Bildenden Künste.

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Linz experiences all types of weather throughout the year. July is the hottest month of the year while July is the coolest month of the year in the city. During the month of June, the city will get precipitations and so, it is the wettest month of the city. The best months to visit the Linz city are August and September, as tourists will experience enjoyable weather with a good average temperature.

Special Linz Travel Deals

The Ars Electronica Center

The Ars Electronica Center in Linz offers the real value of the airfare for Linz for those who are researchers, discoverers, experimentalists, and investigators. The remarkable building, which is located directly by the Danube River, houses inspiring shows on technology, art, and culture. Here, visitors can direct robots, duplicate plants, and take photographs of their retina.

Lentos Art Museum

Tourists can book a flight from Linz to visit Lentos, the worth seeing modern art gallery in the city. Located beside the Danube River, the Lentos is a rectangular steel-and- glass building and it is prominently enlightened by night. The gallery safeguards one of the greatest modern-art collections of Austria, including works by Klimt, Warhol, Schiele, Lovis Corinth, and Kokoschka.

Kepler Salon

Kepler Salon was originally the living place of Johannes Kepler, who was Austria's great mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer. It is now transformed into a cultural center and it is opened to the visitors during the hosting of scientific events. Kepler is honored by the Planet Fountain, as well, at the Landhaus. Visitors can have a useful time by booking a flight from Linz and visiting this cultural center.


Schlossmuseum is a worth seeing castle in Linz that draws the attention of thousands of worldwide tourists. Vacationers can book a flight from Linz to visit the Schlossmuseum castle, which is now transformed into a museum. Visitors will be amazed to see the trove of riches of the museum, collected from abbeys and citadels over the centuries. The museum has a huge compilation of art, historical, instruments and weapons.

Hauptplatz Square

Hauptplatz Square is a showpiece square in Linz, which is always occupied by street artists entertaining the people, roaring trams, and local people unwind in the pavement coffee bars. The square is surrounded by decorative and pastel-tinted Renaissance homes. The square also includes a 20-meter Salzburg marble pillar, which was fixed in 1723 to observe the deliverance of the town from fire, war, and plague.


Donaupark is a beautiful park and the green escape mausoleum of Linz. It is positioned on the Danube River's southern bank beside Lentos. Visitors can take pleasure in witnessing modern statues rise higher than the shrubs in the well-maintained gardens, which greatly attract walkers, skaters and picnickers. Visitors who are looking for fresh air during summer months can book a flight from Linz to visit this park.