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Bimini is a district in the Bahamas, which consists of a series of islands. The island is further divided into South Bimini, East Bimini, and North Bimini. Bimini is the fishing capital of Bahamas, as it is renowned for deep-sea fishing. It is also the most sought-after spot amid scuba divers. As tourists can involve in many indoor and outdoor activities in Bimini, thousands of people from all parts of the world take a flight to Bimini to spend their vacation in an enjoyable and relaxed way.

  • Bimini Orange Hill Beach

  • Bimini Museum

  • Island's Garden of the Groves

  • Bimini Bag Game Resort and Marina

  • Bimini Tuna Alley

  • Bimini Victory Reef

  • Have a family fun by taking a ticket to Bimini to visit Bimini Orange Hill Beach

  • Visit the island's Garden of the Groves

  • Explore different types of fish by visiting the Bimini Victory Reef

  • Visit Bimini Tuna Alley

  • Visit Bimini Bag Game Resort and Marina

Generally, most parts of the year in Bimini will be hotter, but receives precipitation, as well, from April to October. The hottest month of the island is August and the coolest time is October. While the wettest month in the island is June, the island's driest month is December. The best time to visit the Bimini Island is from May to August, as there is no possibility for a hurricane. Moreover, waters in the sea will be clear and will be within the tolerable temperature to enjoy the swimming.

Bimini Travel

Orange Hill Beach

Tourists can book a flight from Bimini to enjoy their leisure time with their family at Orange Hill Beach. The beach is located on the north of the West Bay Street in the Nassau and Paradise Island, which is renowned for its fine white sand. Although locals use to visit the beach during their weekend, vacationers throng the seashore throughout the week, as it offers them a calm, peaceful, and tranquil atmosphere

Bimini Museum

Bimini Museum is an ideal tourist spot for inquisitive tourists, which is located on the King's Highway. Tourists visiting the museum can see a bag of souvenirs left behind by visiting personalities. This is because the museum exhibits the 1964 migration card of Martin Luther King,a fishing log of Ernest Hemingway, and fishing pictures. Tourists will also be amazed to witness rum kegs, the renowned artifacts of the island.

Bimini Victory Reef

Tourists can take a ticket to Bimini to witness an extensive range of fish species, such as white tip sharks, black tip sharks, hammerheads, and much more. This is also a perfect diving site and it is the most-sought- after spot amid drift divers. Besides seeing a huge variety of fish species, vacationers can also enjoy seeing a variety of lobsters and turtles. Here the water will be extremely clear up to a depth of 60 feet.

Bimini Tunna Alley

Tourists who want to explore the activities of trained fish can book a flight from Bimini to attain their goal at the Bimini Tuna Alley. Here they can see many varieties of trained fish species, which use to crowd around the tourist's boats in search of food. Putting the foods into the sea, visitors can see a range of fish varieties, such as barracudas, Yellowtail Snapper, Bail Fish, Bahamian Chub, etc.

Island's Garden of the Groves

Tourists can take a flight from Bimini to visit the Garden of the Groves, situated on the Midshipman Road. It is a botanical garden, which occupies a vast area of 12 acres, is a verdant tropical sanctuary on the island, scrubbing asphalt and pine. While walking the trail, it will lead tourists through the orchards of java plum and tamarind trees, gushing waterfalls, and a peaceful pond

Bimini Road

Off the Bimini coast, vacationers will be amazed to witness a bizarre, mystifying rock formation. Booking a flight to Bimini and visiting the Bimini Road will allow visitors to come across the interesting facts as well as the evidence of the ancient civilization. The Bimini Road is considered one of the most astonishing and exciting snorkeling places amid both locals, as well as tourists who are visiting the Bimini Island.

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