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Flights to Athens Greece

Being the biggest city of Greece, Athens is also its capital city. Famous as one of the world’s oldest places, its history is more than 4000 years old. Considered as the globe’s 39 th richest city on the ground of its purchasing power, the city is famous as the birth place of democracy. As a major attraction for the tourists, the city has spectacular sites for their visits. As a matter of fact, the tourists’ hot spots are so popular that the visitors take the first flight to Athens once they know about them. Let’s sum up some of the best attractions in Athens’s tourism for the next visit to world’s most beautiful city.

  • Agora of Athens

  • Parthenon

  • Acropolis Museum

  • Plaka District

  • Monastiraki

  • Omonoia Square

  • Zappeion

  • Know the grand history of Olympics

  • View the indescribable charm of Philiopappos Hills

  • Explore the National Archeological museum

  • Glimpses of public life in olden days of Greece

  • Take the unique pleasure of shopping in the boutiques, specialty stores, and souvenir shops

Spring and early summer are the best periods to visit Athens. The visitors could comfortably see places during mid-April to mid-June. This is the time, when temperature in Athens is normal, which would make their movement easier. Other than this period, the rising prices and excess crowd make the movement at the places very difficult. You can also enjoy other nearby places at this time. You can easily get flight from Athens to so many other beautiful places.

Flights to Athens

Ancient Agora of Athens

Located in the northwest of the acropolis, the ancient Agora of classical Athens was once famous as a commercial hub and a spot for residential and official gathering. The place is host to innumerable buildings with remarkable architecture bearing signatures of the city’s historical past.

Mount Lycabettus

In reality, the visitors find that every penny spent on airfare for Athens justified as they climb on the hilltop of mount Lycabettus. The scenic top gives an excellent panoramic view of the entire city that the visitors simply place as unforgettable.

Panathenaic stadium

The stadium built completely of granite throws plethora of surprises, when the curious onlookers get to know about the history of their most spectacular Sports event- Olympics. Built in 19 th century solely for the exclusive event of this mega sports event, the stadium serves as an introduction about the life-styles and rich tastes of residents of Greece.

Philiopappos Hills

If it is a weekend, the visitors to Athens just do not hesitate to celebrate at the peak of the Philliopappos hills. The weekend picnics are fabulous amid the celestial surroundings of the natural spot as it invariably throws its magnetic charm on every person.

Plaka District

The grandeur of this historical neighborhood is simply unbeatable as it is located at the base of the hills topped by the Acropolis. The winding streets and antiquated architecture just take the visitors in the thrall of their magnificence as they tread on the thoroughfares of the neighborhood, which is built upon the residential areas of Athens.


Located in the flea market area in the neighborhood in the old part of Athens, Monastiraki is home to great shopping malls. The visitors take the unique pleasure of shopping in the boutiques, specialty stores, and souvenir shops. As a major tourist attraction, it draws hordes of tourists as they take the pleasure of bargain buying.

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