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Ankara is the capital city of the Republic of Turkey and 2nd largest city in Turkey. It has a population of about 4,587,558 inhabitants. The city was popularly known as Ancyra and Angora. The city is also considered as the green city of Turkey at about 775 sq meters of greeneries per head. Ankara is one of the oldest cities in the world consisting of a vast historical and archaeological monuments and structures. Once a heavy earthquake destroyed the city pretty badly and later on the city was reconstructed from scratch.

  • Lake Mogan

  • Lake Eymir

  • Atakule

  • Roman Bath

  • Genclik Park

  • Ankara Castle

  • Explore Ankara Citadel

  • Visit Ankara Music Festival

  • Visit Atakule

  • Explore Roman Bath

  • Enjoy at Genclik Park

  • Visit Ankara Castle

The climate of Ankara is typically hot and stays warm and humid throughout the year. You can expect a minimal amount of rains throughout the year. Do not pay a visit during this time and always try to visit during the dry season to enjoy most of your time. Another best time to visit Ankara is during the festive seasons when the entire city comes alive with lots of tourists and international artists flying into the city. You will definitely have a great time, so just grab your Ticket to Ankara and fly to this beautiful destination.

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Explore Ankara Citadel

For fantastic city views of Ankara, head to the Ankara Citadel, situated in the Ulus Bentderesi District in the Old Quarters. Ankara has many interesting archaeological sites scattered throughout the city, however only a few structures surrounding the citadel have survived its appetite for development and modernization.

Ankara Music Festival

Ankara music festival occurs in the month of April and it features a lot of International artists representing European style of music. Some of the musicians represent the local Turkish music and it is a fun to watch them perform live.

Ankara International Film Festival

One of the best festivals in Ankara, the film festival was started in the year 1988 and has been getting bigger since then. A lot of events take place throughout the month and it is a must for the film lovers around the world.

Women’s Film Festival

Flying boom international film festival is based on the women empowerment. This is an annual festival which allows women from different parts of the world to showcase their talents through their lenses.Lifelong achievement award and the Bilge Olgac Honorary award are the best awards given to the best films throughout the month.

Kocatepe Mosque

This is an important mosque in Ankara which can hold 24,000 worshippers at one time. It has magnificent minarets standing 88 metres high and is constructed in neo-classical ottoman style of architecture.

Hamamonu Restored Area

A great place to take a stroll, observe the beautiful houses, shop and eat the traditional Turkish food- Hamamonu is an ancient area on Ankara. Serving as a popular tourist hub and hang-out, this is a calm and well-restored area and a break from Ankara’s crowd.

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