Avis car rental

Avis car rental is an american car rental company taht established in the year 1946 with just three cars. It has its headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. Avis car rental is one pf teh laedinfg car rental companies to the commercial segments. This rental car provider is operating business travelers at the key airports and off airport destinations around the world.
Avis car rental is the first car rental that started its operations at an airport.

Reasons for choosing Avis car rental to fulfil your travel needs

You can reserve the best car with Avis car rentals at the most affordable price that will not disturb your budget.

You will get the assistance for you road trip at anytime and from anywhere. The most enthusiastic and professional team of customer support is opearytional; 24*7. If you have any query or if you want to reserve your car, you can approac the customer care of Avis car rental.

If you are a person who likes to drive their own, for them the optiion of international self drive is available. But to get this option, make sure you are 18+ years of age. For self drive cars, avis has only diesel based vehicles available.

Customer satisfaction rate is higher with Avis car rental. They guarantee you 100% comfort and luxury within your budget.

Just to let you save bundles for you road trip, they will provide you with the numeros deals and oiffers. Availing these special discounts, you can reserve your car and save your hard earned cash.

Safety and security of Avis Car

If you are traveling with Avis car rentals, you need not worry about your safety and security. They have a help desk for call in lady traveler. Besides, the vehicled have the real time tracking of the female travelers for theie safety. At the start., they will register your feedaback and another feedback will be after the completion of the journey.
The avis car rentals also have a GPS system for the security with the effective tracking. And you can also speak to Avis helpline 24*7 with the SOS button inside the car.

Avis car rental fuel policy

There are certain policies avialable for Avis car rental, that you must know before hiring a rental vehicle, they are:
At the time of pick up your booked car, the car will be provided with the tank full and you are required to return the vehicle in the same manner.
If you are not retrurnig the car in the same manne, then avis will charge you for not returing the vehicle with a full tank.
You will be charged for the car fuels depending upon the usage
For paying the car rentals, you can either directly pay cash or transfer with card at the time iof picking up your rented vehicle. Or else the charges can be deducted from the security deposit.

Avis Car Rental Network

Avis car rental owns more than 1800 vehicles and has a wide network network having 45+ offices and still growing.